Best Online Courses for Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

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Everyone wants to pay less for insurance as surely as they want to sprout wings and fly, but getting discounts on insurance is actually feasible. One of the most common resources for accomplishing this is taking defensive driving courses because insurers typically discount premiums for this. In the 21st century, many applicable courses for this discount are online. This means you don’t even need to leave the house to qualify for a defensive driving discount on your insurance policy. There are some great places you can go on the web to take quality courses that qualify you for the discount you want.

iDrive Safely

iDrive Safely is a company that does well to supply an insurance discount course that is quick, easy, painless, and simple. They recognize that it can be a hassle to do these things in person, so they established their online alternative, which includes all the features necessary to qualify for your defensive driving insurance discount. This means you don’t have to step foot in a classroom or listen to any lectures; moreover, you in charge of your own time management in getting this done promptly. The course provides all the information and instruction you would receive from the normal course, but the online material is innovative about clarity and chaptering. It also includes graphics that visually demonstrate the concepts explained.

Drive Safely employs a dedicated staff of online experts who create the courses and provide user-friendly support. The courses themselves teach you methods to avoid accidents altogether and to be more confident when driving. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, the course teaches you everything you need to know about state driving laws enforced in your area.

Online Driving Schools

Another online resource you might check if you are looking to lower your insurance premiums by way of defensive driving courses is Online Driving Schools. You can rely on a course to which they refer as the Online Insure Reduction Course, which will also satisfy requirements for you to get discounts on your insurance premiums. Their online driving school not only meets all the legal requirements to qualify for a discount but also requires no advance scheduling or classrooms—the same merits of online testing from which you benefit with iDrive Safely as well. Plus, with Online Driving Schools, you’re able to log in from anywhere and feasibly take the entire course on your mobile browser, which allows you to proceed with your daily or nightly activities and still take the course in the meantime.

In the process of taking this course, you’ll also develop into a better driver and avoid future violations. It’ll serve as a more-than-adequate refresher on safe driving methods and rules of the road. These aspects will make you an overall better driver.


You can also take defensive driving courses on the DMV’s online driving course. It’s an excellent way to use the DMV for its purpose without having to deal with the incredibly slow processes at the physical DMV, and you can satisfy all the requirements you need for discounting your auto insurance premiums in the process. Remember that it is law in most states for insurance providers to extend discounts to vehicle owners for completing defensive driving courses, and the DMV is public institution. You can be confident that their course will comprehensively cover all the legal requirements.

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