Best Places to Cool Down In Oklahoma During The Summer

Summer tends to be fun since you can go out and play. The weather warm sup and this means that you can dress as scantily as you want without the fear of getting the flu or a cold. After being confined indoors by winter and other seasons, it is always good to have one season where you can run around in nothing but your shorts and enjoy the warm outside air. However, as the season advances, the initial warmth turns into uncomfortable heat. If you are in or around the region of Oklahoma, then it tends to get warmer and warmer, making it uncomfortable to be either in the house or inside. So, what do you do in such a circumstance? It is quite simple, find yourself a little watering hole and cool down. Here are 5 places that you can go to cool off and get your body temperatures in check.

Pennington Creek

Summer is not just about escaping the heat using water, it is also about finding the best ways to take advantage of the shade and have some fun. So, if fun with friends and family is what you are after, then this is the place for you. This is a 15-acre park that for nothing more than recreation and relaxation. There are a lot of fun activities that you can engage in to pass the time and stretch out your muscles. You can do anything from hiking to picnics to playing tag, and when the body finally reaches its limit, then you can take a relaxing swim in the creek to cool down.

Travertine Creek

Swimming, hiking, and relaxation are what the Chickasaw National Park offers its visitor. This is the perfect place for the casual hikers with a 1.5-mile trail. There is also the creek the provides a cool clear place to take a swim and enjoy the ever cool waters in the heart of the scorching summer sun.

Beavers Bend

This is a pace that has it all, from streams to a lake all the way to vintage swimming holes. It leaves you spoiled for choice with the array of variety on display. Unlike the other places that tend to get crowded as summer progress, you will have enough space to cool yourself here. The Broken Bow lake has a shoreline that stretches over 180 miles, providing ample space for all and sundry.

Turner Falls

If you are a waterfall person then this is the place for you. And if not, then you definitely need to go here and experience first-hand the pleasures of being in the same geographic vicinity as a waterfall. Other than the exquisite scenery, there are also designated swimming areas for both children and adults.

Blue Hole Park

This is the go-to place for cool spring water. The crystal blue waters are a sight to behold and the shades will keep you away from the possibility of the sunburn. The rocks bother a few people, but it is nothing that a good dip in the water cannot fix.

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