Travel Oklahoma- Fun Things To Do While Traveling Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is an exciting travel destination that draws tourists from all corners of the world. It boasts of thousands of striking attractions which include scenic lakes, glistening waterfalls, ancient mountains and beautiful emerald forests. While traveling Oklahoma may be fun, you may find it challenging to choose the perfect destination or interesting things to do from the wide range of activities and destinations it offers.

Below are some of the top fun things to do while traveling Oklahoma.

Natural Falls State Park

To enjoy an even better experience of Oklahoma, you need to begin by exploring its lush and natural beauty. The Natural Falls State Park offers an incredible way of bonding with nature while enjoying the breathtaking beauty and serenity of Mother Nature. If you are an activity oriented individual, then this is exactly the place for you. It offers a stunning rugged trail that you can hike down the 77-foot waterfall. The lush greenery of red-bud, luminous dogwood and various other flowering trees make the base of the falls a haven for spending an afternoon.

A Sightseeing Tour to the Gold Dome

If you seek a memorable experience of Oklahoma, then you should definitely give a shot at traveling down to the Gold Dome. Its awe striking color and the intricate geometric patterns of the Gold Dome make this remarkable landmark a sight worth seeing during your trip to Oklahoma.

A Trip to the OKC National Memorial

People who sacrifice their lives for others are worth remembering. If you feel like paying tribute to people like these, then Oklahoma has the perfect place for you. You can hike a trip to the OKC National Memorial which was built in honor of those who fought to serve, honor and protect the nation. The memorial has an intriguing design which makes it just the place to visit during your trip of Oklahoma.

Enjoy Great Art at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Have a thing for cool art? The Oklahoma is just where you should be. The city’s art museum is the ultimate destination for art lovers from all over the world with more than 130,000 regular visits. The museum hosts exhibitions from various parts of the planet cutting through a diverse range of genres, cultures, mediums and eras. Just within the confines of this museum, there is a premier cinema which you can take some time in or treat yourself to a panoramic view of the neighboring locations from the rooftop terrace.

Enjoy a Great Meal at the Eateries and Restaurants

After traveling through Oklahoma, you would certainly want to settle down to a hearty meal. Oklahoma is a dining paradise with a plethora of mouthwatering foods and delectable meals. The eateries and restaurants all across Oklahoma offer a wide range of meals ranging from sumptuous Mexican meals to delicious barbecues. The cuisines available and the side dishes are also amazing.

There are several other destinations such as Lake Hefner Park, Chesapeake Energy Arena and Bricktown Entertainment District among others that you can visit during your travel of Oklahoma.

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Very Cheap Car Insurance in Tulsa

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Many people dream of buying and owning a car. The problem, however, is never with the acquisition of the device, but the maintenance. Car maintenance can really take a toll on the wallet, and the only way to get a handle on this is through getting car insurance. What discourages many people is the fact that car insurance is always perceived as costly and complicated. What if I told you that this was a simple misconception?

It does not matter whether it is your aim to get a new coverage for your car, you need to find yourself something that meets two conditions. These are; cheap, and legally satisfactory. The latter is because the state of Oklahoma has some laws in place when it comes to the minimum coverage of the insurance policy. Some of the laws include a $25000 coverage for injury or death to an individual and an equal fee for damage of property, then a $50000 coverage for bodily harm, injury or death to two people in an accident. This is the reason that most insurance policies are written down as 25/50/25.

The car you are driving is also a factor when it comes to getting cheap insurance. Each car has its own probability of getting stolen, causing an accident or cost a lot to repair. Make sure you consider the following before buying a vehicle if you need to get some cheap car insurance in Tusla.

Safety rating

The higher the safety rating the lower the cost of your premiums. This rating is based on the drivers, the car itself and the passengers that it frequently transports. With the right safety features in your car, you will have a relatively low premium to pay.

Probability of theft

Thieves are picky of the cars that they steal. Some cars are more prone to getting stolen than others. There are two ways to beat this stipulation. The first is to own a low-risk car. The next is to spend some money on the car security, installing tracking and anti-theft features. This is put into anaccount and lowers the amount of insurance you have to pay.


This is the probability of your car getting totaled depending on how long it has been on the road. It is cheaper to repair a new car, but easier to discard an old one in favor of a new model. While the new car comes with a higher collision coverage, the old car should not include this. Make sure you ask for this to be excluded if your car is deemed old.


The larger the car the safer it is in the incident of a collision. Larger cars thus have lower premiums due to the higher safety rating. The size of the engine also affects the premiums but works in reverse.

There are always discounts offered by several insurance companies, what you need to do is ask for it. Look for discounts on good driving, multiple cars, multiple drivers, marriage, full policy payments and automatic payment among others. Each company should have one, make it a point to ask for yours. Put these into consideration today and yo will have cheap and manageable premiums for the rest of your life.

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Great Places To See On Valentine’s Day in Oklahoma

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If you are staying in Oklahoma for this valentine, then you are in for a treat. Oklahoma offers all kinds of places, perfect for couples to hang out. Be it luxurious restaurants, romantic inns and B&Bs, comfortable cottages and much more. If you are feeling flummoxed, selecting your special place for this Valentine’s Day, then let us help you by shortening your list of wonderful places. We have compiled a short list of places in Oklahoma, that will definitely stand up to your expectations.

River’s Edge Cottages, Watson

A chain of beautifully designed cottages, situated in the woods. Try out biking, canoeing, fishing or hiking with your partner here at the River’s Edge Cottages. As you would also have some other couples hanging out in nearby cottages, you can light a fire at night and enjoy your company, listening to stories and propose stories. The cottages are well equipped with kitchen and fireplace. There is also a hot tub bath facility near the cottages that attract a lot of audiences each year. Although there are plenty of restaurants near the place, it is not a bad idea to bring your own food worth of lasting throughout your trip. Average price for a cottage here at River’s Edge Cottages is $150 per night.

Two Hearts Inn, Edmond

As the name would suggest, Two Hearts is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the country. Two Hearts is a collection of six suites. Out of the six, three are specially booked for the honeymoon purposes of newlyweds. If you got married recently and want to enjoy your honeymoon in a luxurious way then this is the place for you. The other three suites are for normal visitations. This category is made from an exclusive designs and arts from all around the world. At Two Hears Inn, suites are available for $159 per night.

Montford Inn Bed and Breakfast, Norman

This is one of the famous places among couples. Their is are sixteen exclusive rooms which all feature private bathrooms, Cable, Fireplace and Wi-Fi. The inn is famous for its food, especially for breakfast. You can also have romantic walks in their patio garden bed or landscape yards with your valentine. After the breakfast, you may stay at the inn for lunch and dinner or head straight to any of the romantic restaurants in Norman.

Suites at Montford Inn Bed and Breakfast start at $140 per night.

Echo Canyon Spa Resort, Sulphur

This one is the largest among all the above-mentioned options. You’ll find a number rooms here, designed and furnished with their own unique design. If you want you can enjoy activities like fishing, biking, scouting etc withing the premises. All the rooms have private baths, Satellite TV and DVD players some of them even have fireplaces in them too. You’ll find spas in the facility that offer approximately hundred methods of massage therapy, manicures and facials.

There are a number of site seeing opportunities in Sulphur which you would definitely be able to enjoy with your valentine. Average rooms at Echo Canyon Spa Resort start at $ 205 per night.

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Lowest Priced Car Insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma

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Car insurance provides ideal protection to your car in case of road accidents, natural calamities, theft and various other unfortunate incidences depending on the insurance policy you purchase for your vehicle. When looking for the best insurance for your car, it is often prudent to go for the lowest priced car insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma. There are just a whole lot of benefits owning cheap car insurance brings along.

While a car may be a great investment, the costs involved in running one are often high. From fueling to repair and maintenance procedures through to taxes, you are likely to find the cost of actually owning a car very expensive. You will therefore need to figure out areas in which you can limit the expenditure to lower the total amount you spend on your vehicle. The insurance is usually a good start. You can save a considerable amount of money by getting the cheapest insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma. The money you save from the insurance can then be used on gas and maintenance or used for other projects.

There are several ways one can get the lowest priced car insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma. One way is by looking for insurance companies that offer cheap insurance policies. There are a number of such companies in the region. Insurance companies such as us here at Save Money Car Insurance. Companies like us tend to charge relatively low premiums for their coverage. Ergo, you can save yourself a significant amount of money by buying coverage from such insurers.

Comprehensive auto insurance is often considered among the best insurance policies due to the fact that it covers almost everything. It however is very expensive as compared to most of the other covers and definitely not the best option for someone looking for cheap insurance cover. To cut on your insurance expenditure, make a point of getting a policy that covers only the areas that you need coverage for. This works even for those who are already on a full coverage policy. All one needs to do in such a situation is ask their agent to reduce the coverage. You may for instance find a coverage that includes rental car fees appealing. However, this is not necessary if you have a second vehicle.

The cost of car insurance in Oklahoma is among the most expensive throughout the nation. Finding the cheapest cover in Tulsa can therefore be a rather daunting task. To secure yourself the cheapest coverage, you need to sample the quotes of various insurers and weigh them against each other. Some insurance companies provide the quotes on order while some have their rates outlined on their websites. After checking the quotes, you can move on to the terms and conditions and check for the requirements they need you to comply with.

Finding the cheapest car insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma is every car owners dream. Besides offering protection for your vehicle, you get to save a significant amount of cash that you can use for other ventures.

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Non-Owner’s Insurance

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Car insurance without a car? Yes, you can actually have an insurance even if you don’t own a car, and that’s what we call as the ‘Non-Owner’s Insurance. This article will help you explain in detail all you want to learn about non owner’s insurance, and whether this particular insurance is the right choice for you.

Who Can Avail?

Technically, anyone can have a non-owner’s insurance. However, this specific insurance policy is ideal if:
You don’t own a car, but rent or borrow one regularly.
You utilize a car-sharing service like Zipcar. Some car-sharing service have limited insurance coverage, and it is best to have a non-owner policy that will serve as an added protection, in case an accident happens and you are at fault.
You have been convicted of some serious road violations like DUI and the like, wherein you might have a hard time applying a standard car insurance.
If you aren’t one of the above-mentioned, then it’s best not to bother yourself with a non-owner’s insurance. Non-owner’s insurance is not advisable if you own or have a frequent access to a car, where it is covered by the owner’s auto insurance. Aside from that, if you use your parents’ car, there’s no need to have a non-owners insurance since you will normally be listed as one of the drivers on your parents insurance policy.

What it Covers?

A non-owner’s insurance policy would normally kick in if you caused an accident using a car which is not yours. If the owner’s insurance is not enough to cover the damages, then the non-owner’s insurance would pay the excess damages. The policy covers medical expenses, including the victim, at a given amount based on your coverage.

However, be reminded that non-owner’s insurance policies do not include repairs and replacement of the vehicles. This policy is not the same with standard auto insurance. Thus, you still need to exercise extreme caution or opt for a rental car that will give you the choice to waive the collision-damage clause by paying a certain amount using your credit card.

How Much is the Cost?

A non-owner’s insurance is typically cheaper and convenient than a standard auto insurance. Why? First, you don’t own the car, giving you less access to driving one. Second, it has a limited coverage but worth considering. Third, less-hassle and will alleviate the burden, in case of accidents. Well, getting an insurance coverage even if you don’t have a car is a very sound plan because you just don’t know what will happen on the road.
As to the cost, it will still depend on some of your personal background like age, gender and the like, as well as your driving record and how often you would drive a car.

The Bottom Line

Before getting a non-owner’s policy, you should consider some important aspects such as personal dealings, costs, and coverage. A non-owner’s insurance policy will help you with the basic liability coverage you need in case of untimely accidents. This will directly protect yourself and your victim, and indirectly secure your assets in the long run.
If you are interested in getting a non-owner’s insurance, don’t worry! You can contact us directly thru our website at Cheapest Auto Insurance or visit the nearest Cheapest Auto Insurance branch near you. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you and might even give you the cheapest auto insurance quote, how cool is that?

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Fun Things to do in Tulsa

Fun Things To Do in Tulsa

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Tulsa is the city situated by the Arkansas river:

Being the second largest city of Oklahoma, Tulsa attracts a lot of tourism, due to its rich urban heritage and interest in arts and architecture. Most of the area is known for their art deco architecture which represents incarnated proof of Tulsa civilization and culture. The city has a ton of exciting places to visit and to help enjoy your day. Some of the things that you must do if you ever plan to explore Tulsa may Include:

The Blue Dome Entertainment District:

The place is packed with all kinds of fancy eateries, restaurants and bars. Situated in downtown, Blue Dome District is one of the favorite places for tourists, young professionals and college students. Originally the place was a Gas oil service station. Later it was turned into a fine art piece which is now appreciated throughout the land. In the Dome, you’ll have music all around, Blue Dome is also known for its great taste in music. Here you’ll find all the famous local bands and solo singers who would mesmerize you through their melodious singing. At last, you can end your day with a glass of wine at one of the bars in the Dome if proper age permits.

Utica Square

Utica Square is the best place if you are looking for some shopping to do. This place is loaded with brands, boutiques, and restaurants. Shopping can get a little tiring and this is the time to check out all the new coffee stalls and restaurants for treating yourself with the delicious crab cakes and stuffed Italian bread. After you are done shopping don’t forget to get a smoother yourself with a hot stone massage at Ihloff Salon & Day Spa, who are desperately waiting to serve you.

Cain’s Ballroom

Nothing beats good music. Tulsa is home to some of the biggest names in the music industry who can be seen and heard live at Cain’s Ballroom. The place is also famous by the name of top performance venue of Tulsa as all the known and once known musicians have performed here. It would not be a matter of surprise if you find some of you favorite bands and singers entertaining their audience here.

Gilcrease Museum

If you are interested in learning about the history and culture, then Gilcrease Museum features the largest collection of American West artifacts. The museum got its name from Thomas Gilcrease, an oil man and an avid artifact collector. It was him who started collecting the artifacts. Today, the museum is managed by a public-private partnership between the city of Tulsa and the University of Tulsa.

Tulsa River Parks

Everyone loves breathing in the fresh air that flows near the Arkansas river. Enjoy the nature in one of the many parks, specially built for Tulsa visitors and natives. You would find many parks that offer various kinds of fun activities and sports such as frisbee golf, fishing, and biking. There many are specially designed roads for bicycling, walking, and running. If you do not have your own bike, you can rent a bicycle from there as well.

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Fast Quoting System

The Affordable Guide To Shopping For Car Insurance

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Shopping for car insurance can be an arduous task. Looking through phone books, searching through Google, and making numerous calls trying to find a good rate. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. There are plenty ways to avoid spending your precious free time from doing the tedious task of shopping for auto insurance. In this short guide we will cover the shortcuts and hacks so you can free up your time while saving some money in the process.

Finding An Agent

Sometimes we don’t know where to start when finding a good deal on your insurance. Friends and family always recommend places but how certain are they that they’re getting the most bang for their buck. There’s a good chance your buddy or family member either hasn’t switched insurance in a while or hasn’t called around to check prices on better deals. Most people end up sticking with the same carrier because they haven’t tried anything else. Finding a good agent can be a difficult task.
Here are some key points to take note of when finding an agent:

  • Find One That Gives You Options
  • Independent Insurance Agents Are A Good Place To Start (They have multiple carriers under the same roof)
  • Look For Great Service
  • Are The Rates Affordable And Competitive?
  • Is It Easy To Start A Policy?

Are Some Rates Better Than Others?

Sometime agents can stack on little extra coverage’s that may not be needed. In some cases it may be to protect you and in other cases it could be to spike the commission the agent may be trying to get from the policy. This isn’t always the case, but it’s something to be aware of just in case. Seeing the exact coverage’s or simply asking the agent that is getting you a quote can be the best way to shop for insurance to avoid over-paying for car insurance. Know the coverage’s you need before you start shopping for car insurance and let the agent know exactly what you need that way you can compare apples to apples to see the best rates around. Independent insurance agents ‘house’ a lot of carriers in their system when they provide you a rate so that’s normally a good place to start. Check us out or get a quote at

Reviews Are A Good Indicator

Make sure you search a few places around the web like google for example as your making your decision on who you write your insurance with. Businesses with little or bad reviews might not be the best place to get insurance. Look for bad reviews and see what was written. A lot of times in the insurance industry reviews aren’t always best as that is just the nature of the business but you can at least take a look to get a final consensus on what people are saying around the internet community. Feel free to look up Save Money Car Insurance to see what all the raving reviews say.

Make Sure Customer Service Is Great

This one is one of the more obvious things to look for. Be looking for great customer service with a professional touch. The better the service and more professional the business the better you will be taken care of. The less service means your policy might not get the attention you are thinking it might get. It takes a trained specialist to make sure you are not only taken care of but that you have the best rates at any given time. That’s why some companies that are so large advertise “discount double check” as a means to  try to keep an eye on your policy. Here at Save Money Car Insurance we touch base with every customer with every interaction and make sure the rates are always the best. We know that service is important but we always care about our clients so we make sure that we deliver over-the-top professional service.

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The Save Money Car Insurance Way

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Getting Car Insurance The Save Money Car Insurance Way

At Save Money Car Insurance we have the best system for shopping for car insurance we have developed
with experience and knowledge through offering auto insurance over the years. This benefits our clients greatly with speed
and acuracy at its finest. We have a cunning edge system designed for speed and reliability. Let’s walk you throught the process
of what getting a quote and buying insurance looks like with Save Money Car Insurance.

Getting a Quote Online

Getting a quote is a snap with Save Money Car Insurance! We offer quotes via our online quote form that takes only seconds to complete.
We have agents on standy by (Real Humans and not algorithms or bots) that really get’s your quote. So whether your on the go or at home
we can get you a quote with ease directly from our website. The best part of the process is either getting your quote via text or phone
call. It’s totally up to you whether you want a call or text. We made the quote form anonymous so you can enjoy your quote without having
to deal with all the hassle and stress. We know how important it is to not have to worry about your information being submitted on the internet.
Which is why our quote form is secure as well. Have peace of mind getting a quote today.

The Process Behind the Scenes

Once we recieve your request for a quote we get right to work for you. Our agent check through our trusted network of insurance companies with more
options than a standard insurance agent. Since we are independent we have access to many companies rather than being stuck with only one company with only
their products. Since this is such an egdge in the market place we are able to find our clients some of the best most competitive rates. Our reviews speak for
themselves. After we find the best rate for your budget we give you the best option, whether its a lower down payment or a cheaper monthly rate, the choice is
yours! Now with this way of purchasing car insurance it’s easy to see why Save Money Car Insurance is a clear winner and a #1 choice for many clients year after

Buying a Policy

When you decide to go ahead and purchase a quote then our agents give our clients the best way’s to write insurance. We can write your policy electronically using
a smart phone, computer, fax, and more! So no matter where you’re at you can be sure to get insurance no matter what! We also have agents on standby at our office
and they can take care of you if you swing by one of our offices. The process is so easy that most customers choose to get a policy started over the phone in the
comfort of their own homes! The speed of this process has even double over the years and it has allowed our clients to get insurance fast no matter if your at work
or with your family. We know insurance shouldn’t be part of your worry so we make it not only painless but super easy and fast!

The Save Money Car Insurance Way

To summarize we have offered clients over many decades auto insurance products and our mission is to serve with the best possible rates and to give our clients the best
experience every time. We have seperated ourselves as a #1 provider of insurance and offer not only amazing rates but one of the best ways to buy insurance on the go.
We look forward to getting your insurance started and would love for you to give us a try.

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Inexpensive Car Insurance Rates

Finding Inexpensive Rates in Tulsa

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Finding inexpensive rates doesn’t have to be difficult. We know shopping for car insurance in Tulsa can be a hassle. Calling multiple insurance agents and dealing with long lines. It is no wonder why people get upset when shopping for car insurance. Hassling your family, Facebook friends, and submitting your information to 30 different places for the best rate.  But I believe we have the solution so you can stop spending hours wasting your valuable time trying to find the best rates. 

At Save Money Car Insurance finding inexpensive rates is both easy with our online form or phone service and our fast customer service. We have a trusted network of insurance companies that we work with directly to find our customers the lowest rate possible. We always give our clients the best option no matter what and no matter if they have a bad driving record, no drivers license, or have a foreign license. A lot of big brand name companies won’t insure clients with the previously mentioned problems.

Since we have a trusted network of insurance companies you don’t have to worry about making tons of phone calls and spending the rest your day stressed out. Instead you can use our online quote form and get a quote within seconds either by text or email. Our agents are also on standby if you wish to give us a call. Both ways are secure and we do not share any information with any else. Just the bare minimum of information is needed to get you a quote. 

We work with clients and Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. So no matter where you’re at in the state we can get you a quote now. Simply fill out the form and we will get right to work for you so you can have the most inexpensive insurance and get the most bang for your buck. Or if you not the tech type then simply just give us a call at (918) 764-9728

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