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Best Online Courses for Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

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Everyone wants to pay less for insurance as surely as they want to sprout wings and fly, but getting discounts on insurance is actually feasible. One of the most common resources for accomplishing this is taking defensive driving courses because insurers typically discount premiums for this. In the 21st century, many applicable courses for this discount are online. This means you don’t even need to leave the house to qualify for a defensive driving discount on your insurance policy. There are some great places you can go on the web to take quality courses that qualify you for the discount you want.

iDrive Safely

iDrive Safely is a company that does well to supply an insurance discount course that is quick, easy, painless, and simple. They recognize that it can be a hassle to do these things in person, so they established their online alternative, which includes all the features necessary to qualify for your defensive driving insurance discount. This means you don’t have to step foot in a classroom or listen to any lectures; moreover, you in charge of your own time management in getting this done promptly. The course provides all the information and instruction you would receive from the normal course, but the online material is innovative about clarity and chaptering. It also includes graphics that visually demonstrate the concepts explained.

Drive Safely employs a dedicated staff of online experts who create the courses and provide user-friendly support. The courses themselves teach you methods to avoid accidents altogether and to be more confident when driving. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, the course teaches you everything you need to know about state driving laws enforced in your area.

Online Driving Schools

Another online resource you might check if you are looking to lower your insurance premiums by way of defensive driving courses is Online Driving Schools. You can rely on a course to which they refer as the Online Insure Reduction Course, which will also satisfy requirements for you to get discounts on your insurance premiums. Their online driving school not only meets all the legal requirements to qualify for a discount but also requires no advance scheduling or classrooms—the same merits of online testing from which you benefit with iDrive Safely as well. Plus, with Online Driving Schools, you’re able to log in from anywhere and feasibly take the entire course on your mobile browser, which allows you to proceed with your daily or nightly activities and still take the course in the meantime.

In the process of taking this course, you’ll also develop into a better driver and avoid future violations. It’ll serve as a more-than-adequate refresher on safe driving methods and rules of the road. These aspects will make you an overall better driver.


You can also take defensive driving courses on the DMV’s online driving course. It’s an excellent way to use the DMV for its purpose without having to deal with the incredibly slow processes at the physical DMV, and you can satisfy all the requirements you need for discounting your auto insurance premiums in the process. Remember that it is law in most states for insurance providers to extend discounts to vehicle owners for completing defensive driving courses, and the DMV is public institution. You can be confident that their course will comprehensively cover all the legal requirements.

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Will they stay – Autonomous Vehicles

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Discussions on Autonomous vehicles are hot these days. Many organizations and communities are arguing about their real-time use and safety procedures. We’ll let you decide whether they are here to stay or not. As everyone will have their own opinion, we cannot simply have an answer to this question, all by ourselves. However, further reading will definitely help you in learning about these vehicles in some detail if you know either “somewhat” or “a little” about them.

Starting from the top, an autonomous vehicle is something that doesn’t need a driver to drive. It can carry passengers from one place to another without any need for human interference. Initially, the idea was to use this autonomous behavior for only public transport. However, with the manifestation of different advantages that this concept offers, the idea was extended to also be used at the individual level.

These autonomous vehicles have gathered a lot of misconception about them. With the little knowledge that is spread around about the topic, many people consider them to work on simple IF-ELSE structured algorithms. It is assumed knowledge about the working of these machines before voting for or away with them. If you research a little about these autonomous vehicles, you’ll find these to be directly related to the most developing technology attribute called the Artificial Intelligence. The algorithms used in the making of these machines are nothing like those traditional ones that any normal person may come across in their daily life. On your attempt at learning about these autonomous machines, the algorithm used by them, itself would appear to be a living thing. It learns and grows with experience, just like any normal child would. At the initial stages, the algorithm is full of loop-holes. However as these programming experts pass their creation through rigorous testing the experimenting, the algorithm learns and grows exponentially.

Additional features include- inter-integration, smooth and accurate navigation systems, auto software updates. Many new concepts are emerging day by day that and changing the way autonomous vehicle may behave. One major advantage of this technology is mutual growth. To understand this, let’s take a simple example. Suppose that there are two cars, let’s call them car A and car B. Now consider that car A (God forbids) met with an accident. The data about this accident will be available to car B from which it will learn and avoid the same mistake in future. So, with this, the probability of any next similar accident gets reduces significantly. Now for a mind exercise, try imagining a continuous information sharing network comprising of billions of vehicles, learning every possible thing from each other and using their knowledge for making the driving experience better day in and day out. All summed up is then known as, mutual-growth.

It said that with the arrival of autonomous vehicles, insurance sector would be affected immensely. People with the latest technology vehicles will definitely tend to belittle the idea of purchasing any insurance policy but law still would most likely require it due to common accidents from other vehicles.

It is also clear, that new traffic rules will have to be constructed in order to bind these new style vehicles with the law.

At present, no one can predict- what would happen to the insurance sector. After all, those vehicles would also need to be insured for moving on the roads. However, this fact is according to the present laws. What would happen at the time when the autonomous vehicles start dominating the world with their technology advantages? It is still a mystery that only time can solve. Stay tuned for the latest changes, keep your eyes open about this issue… there’s a lot to reveal!

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How To Jump Start Your Vehicle

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So, you are thinking of driving your way up to that awesome place that you always wanted to visit. But because you have not started the engine of your vehicle in ages, you are stuck with that dead battery. What should you do know? Let’s set our priorities straight. We want to visit that place no matter what comes in the way. We don’t want to spend any money on mechanics. Calling mechanics in such cases can be really expensive unless there is a vehicle repair shop next to your house. Mechanics will charge you for coming to you plus the charges attending to the main problem. So, let’s abandon that road for now. But if we are not going to call the mechanic then who will fix this dead vehicle?! Umm, yes you guessed it right! YOU will! Don’t get too under confident now. You can do it and you will do it. All you would need is a pair of wires with crocodile clips connected to the right charge.

Get the Jumper cables:

Get those good old jumper cables that you might have kept in you repair toolkit. If you do not have these cables or do not know what these cables are then it’s completely fine. Maybe you can ask your neighbors for the cables. You’ll be needing your neighbor’s help in the further process anyway. Okay, you now have a jumper cable (a red wire and a black wire).

Next step is getting a live battery:

You can get any battery for nearly same voltage. However, it is preferable that you get a battery that matches your vehicle’s dead battery configurations. Maybe you can ask your neighbours if they have a live battery in their vehicle. We are sure that they would not mind lending you some electrons out of their vehicle.

The main part:

Now that you have gathered all the pre-requisites, all you need to do is to combine all the puzzle pieces. Open your vehicle’s hood and apply a strut in between. Now, identify the positive and negative poles of both the batteries. For a hint, there is a “+” or “POS” written near the positive terminal and “-” or “NEG” near the negative terminal. If it is not mentioned clearly which is which then the terminal which is comparatively bigger is the positive one.

Connect the red ends of the jumper cable to the positive terminals of the batteries and one end of the black cable to the negative terminal of the working battery. Note that after covering all the steps mentioned till now, you’ll have one black loose end. Connect this end to any unpainted piece of metal.

Remember that strut you placed in between to keep the hood open? You can use that if you are not able to find any metal piece. Start the working vehicle’s engine and keep it open for at least 5-10 minutes. Now try to start your vehicle’s engine! It started right?! Congratulations. Now visit all the places that you ever wanted to see. If by any chance your vehicle did not start after completing all the steps correctly, then there is a strong chance that your battery is actually dead and is not playing dead.

You’ll have to replace your battery if this is the case. Also if you find your battery drained when you start the vehicle again, it means that the battery is not holding the electrons tightly.

You are going to need to get a new battery in this situation as well. The article above is an educational article only so please proceed with the utmost caution when using jumper cables as your battery is high voltage and can cause harm.

Don’t ever get stuck! Get 24 hour roadside and towing assistance in the event your battery is completely dead. Please call us at Cheapest Auto Insurance so you can make sure you’re covered before something like the above happens to you! Drive with peace of mind!

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What To Do When You Are Lost

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You must have faced a time in your life where you felt.. well, direction-less! Speaking literally, we are talking about the roads!

Many times it happens when we are driving in an unknown or less known area, we are not able to identify the way that will lead to home.

Different people react differently to such situations. Some stop and ask for directions, some may call someone they know for help while some will simply open Google Maps if they feel like they have drifted too far. How about a situation when your precious phone has been dried dead and you do not have any backup batteries?

Getting directions now will certainly be harder for those who solely depend on technology. In such situation, all you can do is either check all the routes that you have encountered so far and waste most of your fuel and time or take a deep breath, calm down, and ask somebody for directions.

Getting directions once you have decided to ask other people should not be a difficult task for you unless you are extremely introvert and hesitant in talking with anyone else other than yourself. Simply take a deep breathe and know you have to ask for directions in order to get home without having to deal with disaster.

Now, what if you are stuck somewhere where you can’t find any person to ask for directions? Let us suppose that you are visiting some place that has a very low population density or simply let’s talk about a scenario where you are driving late night and have lost your way home. Since it’s really late you find yourself alone on the road. What should you do now? You can’t ask for directions and can’t use your phone. You even can’t use your vehicle’s navigation system for directions because your navigation system does not has a map for the place.

In a situation like this, there are only a few options that you can choose from and find your way back home.

The answer to this situation is scattered all around you. Just look at that green signboards on the road and you’ll find your solution.

There are signboards all around you. Use these to get a direction for a known area and then navigate to your destination from there.

Using the signs as the navigators will increase your road time but it sure will lead you to your destination. Reading signs is a very important skill that a driver must possess in order to cope up with situations like these.

Learning to read signs and directions written on the navigator boards will definitely help you in guessing the way you are headed. As these navigator boards use fixed standards all around the world, learning them will enable you to find your destination no matter where you are.

Also studying the sky can be invaluable if you are in a dire situation with no power and no way of knowing where you are. The stars in the sky that is! Stars have been used for navigation purposes for hundreds and hundreds of years to find home and help navigate to destinations. It is very clever and wise to know what stars can take you home. Knowing which stars make up north, south, west, and east can help determine what direction you need to go in to reach the proper destination or at least let you know if you’re going the right way which you intended to go in.

Let us tell you an interesting survey result that was conducted under a major consumer research. The agenda was to determine who can remember the roads accurately, Men or Women? According to the scientists, the results were extremely shocking for them. They had anticipated that women should be at the lower end. However, the results were completely opposite to what they had assumed. Quite amusing, isn’t it!?



Driving While Tornado Strikes

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When you are living at, or traveling to, a location that is prone to tornado activity; you need to be aware. If by any chance, you encounter a tornado, consider what is the best plan to get you to safety quickly because you would only get a blink of an eye as a reaction time to think about your safety in this kind of a dangerous situation. Ever wonder how to survive in this type of emergency situation? Here, we are going over some steps on what to do while a tornado strikes while your driving.

  • Knowing the tornado position

You have a little bit of time to concentrate and see which direction the tornado is moving, when the tornado seems like its moving to the east, then drive to the south.  It always depends on the position of the tornado itself and you have to be quick-witted enough to decide which direction you have to go.

  • Highway overpass is off the list

Some people say it is safe to choose the highway overpass while the chance of you get exposed with your car along with the flying debris, lighting, extreme wind, rain and hail is pretty high. Once you have the tornado ahead of you, better keep in mind that highway overpass is NOT a shelter for you during the strikes.

  • Stuck in a traffic jam?

So what if you have no other choices except staying in your car or getting out and look for a safer place? Stuck in a traffic jam means you cannot drive to the opposite direction where the tornado is moving. On the other hand it is quite impossible to get out and look for safer places especially when you don’t know where the safer place is located. In this type of situation what do you need to do is making sure to cover up yourself so you will not get yourself hit by flying debris or glass.  You might want to have some pillows and blankets ready in your car and once tornado is on the sight,  so you can have your personal shield.

Being in an emergency situation is obviously dreadful as the choice you make at the exact moment will define whether you will be safe or not. But being calm is one of the best things you can do. Also tuning into the local radio station and listening for professional advice from local weather specialist is one of the smartest things you can do as well. They will have a great idea of what to do and how to avoid a tornado.

We hope these events will never happen to you. This is an educational article only and suggest you seek professional advice regarding safe driving in a event a described above. It is also very important to have car insurance in these scenarios as well to help cover damage done to your car and even medical bills. Talk to an agent today about what you can do to get affordable coverage and have peace of mind on the road ahead.

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Best Places to Cool Down In Oklahoma During The Summer

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Summer tends to be fun since you can go out and play. The weather warm sup and this means that you can dress as scantily as you want without the fear of getting the flu or a cold. After being confined indoors by winter and other seasons, it is always good to have one season where you can run around in nothing but your shorts and enjoy the warm outside air. However, as the season advances, the initial warmth turns into uncomfortable heat. If you are in or around the region of Oklahoma, then it tends to get warmer and warmer, making it uncomfortable to be either in the house or inside. So, what do you do in such a circumstance? It is quite simple, find yourself a little watering hole and cool down. Here are 5 places that you can go to cool off and get your body temperatures in check.

Pennington Creek

Summer is not just about escaping the heat using water, it is also about finding the best ways to take advantage of the shade and have some fun. So, if fun with friends and family is what you are after, then this is the place for you. This is a 15-acre park that for nothing more than recreation and relaxation. There are a lot of fun activities that you can engage in to pass the time and stretch out your muscles. You can do anything from hiking to picnics to playing tag, and when the body finally reaches its limit, then you can take a relaxing swim in the creek to cool down.

Travertine Creek

Swimming, hiking, and relaxation are what the Chickasaw National Park offers its visitor. This is the perfect place for the casual hikers with a 1.5-mile trail. There is also the creek the provides a cool clear place to take a swim and enjoy the ever cool waters in the heart of the scorching summer sun.

Beavers Bend

This is a pace that has it all, from streams to a lake all the way to vintage swimming holes. It leaves you spoiled for choice with the array of variety on display. Unlike the other places that tend to get crowded as summer progress, you will have enough space to cool yourself here. The Broken Bow lake has a shoreline that stretches over 180 miles, providing ample space for all and sundry.

Turner Falls

If you are a waterfall person then this is the place for you. And if not, then you definitely need to go here and experience first-hand the pleasures of being in the same geographic vicinity as a waterfall. Other than the exquisite scenery, there are also designated swimming areas for both children and adults.

Blue Hole Park

This is the go-to place for cool spring water. The crystal blue waters are a sight to behold and the shades will keep you away from the possibility of the sunburn. The rocks bother a few people, but it is nothing that a good dip in the water cannot fix.

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Travel Oklahoma- Fun Things To Do While Traveling Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is an exciting travel destination that draws tourists from all corners of the world. It boasts of thousands of striking attractions which include scenic lakes, glistening waterfalls, ancient mountains and beautiful emerald forests. While traveling Oklahoma may be fun, you may find it challenging to choose the perfect destination or interesting things to do from the wide range of activities and destinations it offers.

Below are some of the top fun things to do while traveling Oklahoma.

Natural Falls State Park

To enjoy an even better experience of Oklahoma, you need to begin by exploring its lush and natural beauty. The Natural Falls State Park offers an incredible way of bonding with nature while enjoying the breathtaking beauty and serenity of Mother Nature. If you are an activity oriented individual, then this is exactly the place for you. It offers a stunning rugged trail that you can hike down the 77-foot waterfall. The lush greenery of red-bud, luminous dogwood and various other flowering trees make the base of the falls a haven for spending an afternoon.

A Sightseeing Tour to the Gold Dome

If you seek a memorable experience of Oklahoma, then you should definitely give a shot at traveling down to the Gold Dome. Its awe striking color and the intricate geometric patterns of the Gold Dome make this remarkable landmark a sight worth seeing during your trip to Oklahoma.

A Trip to the OKC National Memorial

People who sacrifice their lives for others are worth remembering. If you feel like paying tribute to people like these, then Oklahoma has the perfect place for you. You can hike a trip to the OKC National Memorial which was built in honor of those who fought to serve, honor and protect the nation. The memorial has an intriguing design which makes it just the place to visit during your trip of Oklahoma.

Enjoy Great Art at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Have a thing for cool art? The Oklahoma is just where you should be. The city’s art museum is the ultimate destination for art lovers from all over the world with more than 130,000 regular visits. The museum hosts exhibitions from various parts of the planet cutting through a diverse range of genres, cultures, mediums and eras. Just within the confines of this museum, there is a premier cinema which you can take some time in or treat yourself to a panoramic view of the neighboring locations from the rooftop terrace.

Enjoy a Great Meal at the Eateries and Restaurants

After traveling through Oklahoma, you would certainly want to settle down to a hearty meal. Oklahoma is a dining paradise with a plethora of mouthwatering foods and delectable meals. The eateries and restaurants all across Oklahoma offer a wide range of meals ranging from sumptuous Mexican meals to delicious barbecues. The cuisines available and the side dishes are also amazing.

There are several other destinations such as Lake Hefner Park, Chesapeake Energy Arena and Bricktown Entertainment District among others that you can visit during your travel of Oklahoma.

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Great Places To See On Valentine’s Day in Oklahoma

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If you are staying in Oklahoma for this valentine, then you are in for a treat. Oklahoma offers all kinds of places, perfect for couples to hang out. Be it luxurious restaurants, romantic inns and B&Bs, comfortable cottages and much more. If you are feeling flummoxed, selecting your special place for this Valentine’s Day, then let us help you by shortening your list of wonderful places. We have compiled a short list of places in Oklahoma, that will definitely stand up to your expectations.

River’s Edge Cottages, Watson

A chain of beautifully designed cottages, situated in the woods. Try out biking, canoeing, fishing or hiking with your partner here at the River’s Edge Cottages. As you would also have some other couples hanging out in nearby cottages, you can light a fire at night and enjoy your company, listening to stories and propose stories. The cottages are well equipped with kitchen and fireplace. There is also a hot tub bath facility near the cottages that attract a lot of audiences each year. Although there are plenty of restaurants near the place, it is not a bad idea to bring your own food worth of lasting throughout your trip. Average price for a cottage here at River’s Edge Cottages is $150 per night.

Two Hearts Inn, Edmond

As the name would suggest, Two Hearts is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the country. Two Hearts is a collection of six suites. Out of the six, three are specially booked for the honeymoon purposes of newlyweds. If you got married recently and want to enjoy your honeymoon in a luxurious way then this is the place for you. The other three suites are for normal visitations. This category is made from an exclusive designs and arts from all around the world. At Two Hears Inn, suites are available for $159 per night.

Montford Inn Bed and Breakfast, Norman

This is one of the famous places among couples. Their is are sixteen exclusive rooms which all feature private bathrooms, Cable, Fireplace and Wi-Fi. The inn is famous for its food, especially for breakfast. You can also have romantic walks in their patio garden bed or landscape yards with your valentine. After the breakfast, you may stay at the inn for lunch and dinner or head straight to any of the romantic restaurants in Norman.

Suites at Montford Inn Bed and Breakfast start at $140 per night.

Echo Canyon Spa Resort, Sulphur

This one is the largest among all the above-mentioned options. You’ll find a number rooms here, designed and furnished with their own unique design. If you want you can enjoy activities like fishing, biking, scouting etc withing the premises. All the rooms have private baths, Satellite TV and DVD players some of them even have fireplaces in them too. You’ll find spas in the facility that offer approximately hundred methods of massage therapy, manicures and facials.

There are a number of site seeing opportunities in Sulphur which you would definitely be able to enjoy with your valentine. Average rooms at Echo Canyon Spa Resort start at $ 205 per night.

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Lowest Priced Car Insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma

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Car insurance provides ideal protection to your car in case of road accidents, natural calamities, theft and various other unfortunate incidences depending on the insurance policy you purchase for your vehicle. When looking for the best insurance for your car, it is often prudent to go for the lowest priced car insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma. There are just a whole lot of benefits owning cheap car insurance brings along.

While a car may be a great investment, the costs involved in running one are often high. From fueling to repair and maintenance procedures through to taxes, you are likely to find the cost of actually owning a car very expensive. You will therefore need to figure out areas in which you can limit the expenditure to lower the total amount you spend on your vehicle. The insurance is usually a good start. You can save a considerable amount of money by getting the cheapest insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma. The money you save from the insurance can then be used on gas and maintenance or used for other projects.

There are several ways one can get the lowest priced car insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma. One way is by looking for insurance companies that offer cheap insurance policies. There are a number of such companies in the region. Insurance companies such as us here at Save Money Car Insurance. Companies like us tend to charge relatively low premiums for their coverage. Ergo, you can save yourself a significant amount of money by buying coverage from such insurers.

Comprehensive auto insurance is often considered among the best insurance policies due to the fact that it covers almost everything. It however is very expensive as compared to most of the other covers and definitely not the best option for someone looking for cheap insurance cover. To cut on your insurance expenditure, make a point of getting a policy that covers only the areas that you need coverage for. This works even for those who are already on a full coverage policy. All one needs to do in such a situation is ask their agent to reduce the coverage. You may for instance find a coverage that includes rental car fees appealing. However, this is not necessary if you have a second vehicle.

The cost of car insurance in Oklahoma is among the most expensive throughout the nation. Finding the cheapest cover in Tulsa can therefore be a rather daunting task. To secure yourself the cheapest coverage, you need to sample the quotes of various insurers and weigh them against each other. Some insurance companies provide the quotes on order while some have their rates outlined on their websites. After checking the quotes, you can move on to the terms and conditions and check for the requirements they need you to comply with.

Finding the cheapest car insurance in Tulsa Oklahoma is every car owners dream. Besides offering protection for your vehicle, you get to save a significant amount of cash that you can use for other ventures.

Get a quote right now from us here at Save Money Car Insurance

Non-Owner’s Insurance

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Car insurance without a car? Yes, you can actually have an insurance even if you don’t own a car, and that’s what we call as the ‘Non-Owner’s Insurance. This article will help you explain in detail all you want to learn about non owner’s insurance, and whether this particular insurance is the right choice for you.

Who Can Avail?

Technically, anyone can have a non-owner’s insurance. However, this specific insurance policy is ideal if:
You don’t own a car, but rent or borrow one regularly.
You utilize a car-sharing service like Zipcar. Some car-sharing service have limited insurance coverage, and it is best to have a non-owner policy that will serve as an added protection, in case an accident happens and you are at fault.
You have been convicted of some serious road violations like DUI and the like, wherein you might have a hard time applying a standard car insurance.
If you aren’t one of the above-mentioned, then it’s best not to bother yourself with a non-owner’s insurance. Non-owner’s insurance is not advisable if you own or have a frequent access to a car, where it is covered by the owner’s auto insurance. Aside from that, if you use your parents’ car, there’s no need to have a non-owners insurance since you will normally be listed as one of the drivers on your parents insurance policy.

What it Covers?

A non-owner’s insurance policy would normally kick in if you caused an accident using a car which is not yours. If the owner’s insurance is not enough to cover the damages, then the non-owner’s insurance would pay the excess damages. The policy covers medical expenses, including the victim, at a given amount based on your coverage.

However, be reminded that non-owner’s insurance policies do not include repairs and replacement of the vehicles. This policy is not the same with standard auto insurance. Thus, you still need to exercise extreme caution or opt for a rental car that will give you the choice to waive the collision-damage clause by paying a certain amount using your credit card.

How Much is the Cost?

A non-owner’s insurance is typically cheaper and convenient than a standard auto insurance. Why? First, you don’t own the car, giving you less access to driving one. Second, it has a limited coverage but worth considering. Third, less-hassle and will alleviate the burden, in case of accidents. Well, getting an insurance coverage even if you don’t have a car is a very sound plan because you just don’t know what will happen on the road.
As to the cost, it will still depend on some of your personal background like age, gender and the like, as well as your driving record and how often you would drive a car.

The Bottom Line

Before getting a non-owner’s policy, you should consider some important aspects such as personal dealings, costs, and coverage. A non-owner’s insurance policy will help you with the basic liability coverage you need in case of untimely accidents. This will directly protect yourself and your victim, and indirectly secure your assets in the long run.
If you are interested in getting a non-owner’s insurance, don’t worry! You can contact us directly thru our website at Cheapest Auto Insurance or visit the nearest Cheapest Auto Insurance branch near you. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you and might even give you the cheapest auto insurance quote, how cool is that?

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