Driving While Tornado Strikes

When you are living at, or traveling to, a location that is prone to tornado activity; you need to be aware. If by any chance, you encounter a tornado, consider what is the best plan to get you to safety quickly because you would only get a blink of an eye as a reaction time to think about your safety in this kind of a dangerous situation. Ever wonder how to survive in this type of emergency situation? Here, we are going over some steps on what to do while a tornado strikes while your driving.

  • Knowing the tornado position

You have a little bit of time to concentrate and see which direction the tornado is moving, when the tornado seems like its moving to the east, then drive to the south.  It always depends on the position of the tornado itself and you have to be quick-witted enough to decide which direction you have to go.

  • Highway overpass is off the list

Some people say it is safe to choose the highway overpass while the chance of you get exposed with your car along with the flying debris, lighting, extreme wind, rain and hail is pretty high. Once you have the tornado ahead of you, better keep in mind that highway overpass is NOT a shelter for you during the strikes.

  • Stuck in a traffic jam?

So what if you have no other choices except staying in your car or getting out and look for a safer place? Stuck in a traffic jam means you cannot drive to the opposite direction where the tornado is moving. On the other hand it is quite impossible to get out and look for safer places especially when you don’t know where the safer place is located. In this type of situation what do you need to do is making sure to cover up yourself so you will not get yourself hit by flying debris or glass.  You might want to have some pillows and blankets ready in your car and once tornado is on the sight,  so you can have your personal shield.

Being in an emergency situation is obviously dreadful as the choice you make at the exact moment will define whether you will be safe or not. But being calm is one of the best things you can do. Also tuning into the local radio station and listening for professional advice from local weather specialist is one of the smartest things you can do as well. They will have a great idea of what to do and how to avoid a tornado.

We hope these events will never happen to you. This is an educational article only and suggest you seek professional advice regarding safe driving in a event a described above. It is also very important to have car insurance in these scenarios as well to help cover damage done to your car and even medical bills. Talk to an agent today about what you can do to get affordable coverage and have peace of mind on the road ahead.

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