How To Jump Start Your Vehicle

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So, you are thinking of driving your way up to that awesome place that you always wanted to visit. But because you have not started the engine of your vehicle in ages, you are stuck with that dead battery. What should you do know? Let’s set our priorities straight. We want to visit that place no matter what comes in the way. We don’t want to spend any money on mechanics. Calling mechanics in such cases can be really expensive unless there is a vehicle repair shop next to your house. Mechanics will charge you for coming to you plus the charges attending to the main problem. So, let’s abandon that road for now. But if we are not going to call the mechanic then who will fix this dead vehicle?! Umm, yes you guessed it right! YOU will! Don’t get too under confident now. You can do it and you will do it. All you would need is a pair of wires with crocodile clips connected to the right charge.

Get the Jumper cables:

Get those good old jumper cables that you might have kept in you repair toolkit. If you do not have these cables or do not know what these cables are then it’s completely fine. Maybe you can ask your neighbors for the cables. You’ll be needing your neighbor’s help in the further process anyway. Okay, you now have a jumper cable (a red wire and a black wire).

Next step is getting a live battery:

You can get any battery for nearly same voltage. However, it is preferable that you get a battery that matches your vehicle’s dead battery configurations. Maybe you can ask your neighbours if they have a live battery in their vehicle. We are sure that they would not mind lending you some electrons out of their vehicle.

The main part:

Now that you have gathered all the pre-requisites, all you need to do is to combine all the puzzle pieces. Open your vehicle’s hood and apply a strut in between. Now, identify the positive and negative poles of both the batteries. For a hint, there is a “+” or “POS” written near the positive terminal and “-” or “NEG” near the negative terminal. If it is not mentioned clearly which is which then the terminal which is comparatively bigger is the positive one.

Connect the red ends of the jumper cable to the positive terminals of the batteries and one end of the black cable to the negative terminal of the working battery. Note that after covering all the steps mentioned till now, you’ll have one black loose end. Connect this end to any unpainted piece of metal.

Remember that strut you placed in between to keep the hood open? You can use that if you are not able to find any metal piece. Start the working vehicle’s engine and keep it open for at least 5-10 minutes. Now try to start your vehicle’s engine! It started right?! Congratulations. Now visit all the places that you ever wanted to see. If by any chance your vehicle did not start after completing all the steps correctly, then there is a strong chance that your battery is actually dead and is not playing dead.

You’ll have to replace your battery if this is the case. Also if you find your battery drained when you start the vehicle again, it means that the battery is not holding the electrons tightly.

You are going to need to get a new battery in this situation as well. The article above is an educational article only so please proceed with the utmost caution when using jumper cables as your battery is high voltage and can cause harm.

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