DUI’s and SR-22 Explained

and getting insured…

Many people believe that they will be unable to receive cheap or affordable rates in Oklahoma with a DUI offense. Depending on what company you are with they may be over charging you on insurance. Some companies charge extraordinary high rates! If you are being charged high ridiculous rates click here. Despite that belief we are able to get many discounts for you even with a DUI. So if your worried about rates or worried about if you can get insurance at all, then rest easy because we are here for you.

SR-22’s can be obtained from an auto insurance agent or by us just submit a quote. This is a form or state filing that must be requested by the insured upon getting a quote, usually if not always required by the state due to court ruling etc. SR-22 submission is dependent on the driving penalties committed. If you are moving to a different state the DMV may require you to resubmit your SR-22 filing. This is also the case if switching insurance companies or every 1-3 years. Check with your local DMV. Find an office here.

If you need an SR-22, have had a DUI or a DWI, than Save Money Car Insurance can help. With access to over 35 companies in Oklahoma we will be sure to find you the lowest rates.

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