What To Do When You Are Lost

You must have faced a time in your life where you felt.. well, direction-less! Speaking literally, we are talking about the roads!

Many times it happens when we are driving in an unknown or less known area, we are not able to identify the way that will lead to home.

Different people react differently to such situations. Some stop and ask for directions, some may call someone they know for help while some will simply open Google Maps if they feel like they have drifted too far. How about a situation when your precious phone has been dried dead and you do not have any backup batteries?

Getting directions now will certainly be harder for those who solely depend on technology. In such situation, all you can do is either check all the routes that you have encountered so far and waste most of your fuel and time or take a deep breath, calm down, and ask somebody for directions.

Getting directions once you have decided to ask other people should not be a difficult task for you unless you are extremely introvert and hesitant in talking with anyone else other than yourself. Simply take a deep breathe and know you have to ask for directions in order to get home without having to deal with disaster.

Now, what if you are stuck somewhere where you can’t find any person to ask for directions? Let us suppose that you are visiting some place that has a very low population density or simply let’s talk about a scenario where you are driving late night and have lost your way home. Since it’s really late you find yourself alone on the road. What should you do now? You can’t ask for directions and can’t use your phone. You even can’t use your vehicle’s navigation system for directions because your navigation system does not has a map for the place.

In a situation like this, there are only a few options that you can choose from and find your way back home.

The answer to this situation is scattered all around you. Just look at that green signboards on the road and you’ll find your solution.

There are signboards all around you. Use these to get a direction for a known area and then navigate to your destination from there.

Using the signs as the navigators will increase your road time but it sure will lead you to your destination. Reading signs is a very important skill that a driver must possess in order to cope up with situations like these.

Learning to read signs and directions written on the navigator boards will definitely help you in guessing the way you are headed. As these navigator boards use fixed standards all around the world, learning them will enable you to find your destination no matter where you are.

Also studying the sky can be invaluable if you are in a dire situation with no power and no way of knowing where you are. The stars in the sky that is! Stars have been used for navigation purposes for hundreds and hundreds of years to find home and help navigate to destinations. It is very clever and wise to know what stars can take you home. Knowing which stars make up north, south, west, and east can help determine what direction you need to go in to reach the proper destination or at least let you know if you’re going the right way which you intended to go in.

Let us tell you an interesting survey result that was conducted under a major consumer research. The agenda was to determine who can remember the roads accurately, Men or Women? According to the scientists, the results were extremely shocking for them. They had anticipated that women should be at the lower end. However, the results were completely opposite to what they had assumed. Quite amusing, isn’t it!?



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