Will they stay – Autonomous Vehicles

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Discussions on Autonomous vehicles are hot these days. Many organizations and communities are arguing about their real-time use and safety procedures. We’ll let you decide whether they are here to stay or not. As everyone will have their own opinion, we cannot simply have an answer to this question, all by ourselves. However, further reading will definitely help you in learning about these vehicles in some detail if you know either “somewhat” or “a little” about them.

Starting from the top, an autonomous vehicle is something that doesn’t need a driver to drive. It can carry passengers from one place to another without any need for human interference. Initially, the idea was to use this autonomous behavior for only public transport. However, with the manifestation of different advantages that this concept offers, the idea was extended to also be used at the individual level.

These autonomous vehicles have gathered a lot of misconception about them. With the little knowledge that is spread around about the topic, many people consider them to work on simple IF-ELSE structured algorithms. It is assumed knowledge about the working of these machines before voting for or away with them. If you research a little about these autonomous vehicles, you’ll find these to be directly related to the most developing technology attribute called the Artificial Intelligence. The algorithms used in the making of these machines are nothing like those traditional ones that any normal person may come across in their daily life. On your attempt at learning about these autonomous machines, the algorithm used by them, itself would appear to be a living thing. It learns and grows with experience, just like any normal child would. At the initial stages, the algorithm is full of loop-holes. However as these programming experts pass their creation through rigorous testing the experimenting, the algorithm learns and grows exponentially.

Additional features include- inter-integration, smooth and accurate navigation systems, auto software updates. Many new concepts are emerging day by day that and changing the way autonomous vehicle may behave. One major advantage of this technology is mutual growth. To understand this, let’s take a simple example. Suppose that there are two cars, let’s call them car A and car B. Now consider that car A (God forbids) met with an accident. The data about this accident will be available to car B from which it will learn and avoid the same mistake in future. So, with this, the probability of any next similar accident gets reduces significantly. Now for a mind exercise, try imagining a continuous information sharing network comprising of billions of vehicles, learning every possible thing from each other and using their knowledge for making the driving experience better day in and day out. All summed up is then known as, mutual-growth.

It said that with the arrival of autonomous vehicles, insurance sector would be affected immensely. People with the latest technology vehicles will definitely tend to belittle the idea of purchasing any insurance policy but law still would most likely require it due to common accidents from other vehicles.

It is also clear, that new traffic rules will have to be constructed in order to bind these new style vehicles with the law.

At present, no one can predict- what would happen to the insurance sector. After all, those vehicles would also need to be insured for moving on the roads. However, this fact is according to the present laws. What would happen at the time when the autonomous vehicles start dominating the world with their technology advantages? It is still a mystery that only time can solve. Stay tuned for the latest changes, keep your eyes open about this issue… there’s a lot to reveal!

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