Worlds fastest anonymous quote Saving you time and money with online quoting.
Icon Save Money Car Insurance believes that purchasing auto insurance online should be as easy as purchasing anything else online. To make this a reality, we have created the World’s fastest anonymous quoting system. It literally takes less than 30 seconds to receive your quote! And we do this without even asking your name, which is unprecedented in our industry. Many of our competitors ask unnecessary personal information just for a quote or they try to sell your information to other insurance companies that call you non-stop. Not Save Money Car Insurance. We only ask six simple questions and you have your quote immediately.
Once you receive your car insurance quote from us, you decide whether you like our price or not. If you don’t like our price, no problem. We hope you find a price that fits your budget elsewhere. But if our price does fit your budget and you want to proceed on with the application, which only takes 3-5 minutes to complete, then you will immediately receive your ID cards and Declarations Page for your lienholder if you have full coverage.

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